Outline of Company

Name of the Company : Koizumi Manufacture
Established year : 1889(22nd year of Meiji Era)
A capital : 10 million yen
Head office factory : Inside the Takaoka Copper Complex
57-5 Toidesakae-machi, Takaoka City Toyama Prefecture, Japan
Takaoka office : 1-14 Ote-machi, Takaoka City Toyama Prefecture, Japan
Representative : President Toshihiro Koizumi
Phone : 0766-63-6590
Facsimile : 0766-63-6591
E-mail : info@super.co.jp
History :
An enterprise will be inaugurated as a copperware foundry operation place by Chozo Koizumi of the oneth generation in 1889.
It is called KOIZUMIYA.
1939 Though a copper alloy is made into a subject, it is classified into ironworker business according to company control, and operates as a Koizumi iron factory by it.
1949 Main product items: Copper ware, Buddhist alter fitter, exports(candle, chandelier, many kinds of ornaments).
1963 The foundation of Koizumi manufacture: A new factory was built in 2-1-6 Miyuki-machi, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan

1988 The factory moved to inside the Takaoka Copper Complex
Address: Toidesakae-machi, Takaoka City Toyama Prefecture, Japan
It became a legal Corporation.

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